Tuesday 19th April - Monday 11th July.

Half term week (no classes): Monday 30th May - Saturday 4th June.

There will be NO CLASSES on Monday 2nd May as this is a Bank Holiday, meaning Monday classes have a 9-week term instead of 10.


Ballet - Sunday 10th July

Tap and Modern - date TBC


All Ballet classes are RAD syllabus and all Tap & Modern classes are ISTD syllabus.

Summer timetable jpg.jpg

Classes marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that the class is new to the Grade and has just started learning the syllabus. We would recommend for new students to join these classes where possible.

Classes marked with "(exam class)" are taking their exams this term and thus are closed to new students.

Classes with no markings mean that the students have started learning the Grade but are not yet ready to take their exam. These classes are open to new students.

Jazz Theatre classes are always open to new students.